Welcome to Bulgaria

Bulgaria is situated in South-Eastern Europe and occupies an area of 111 thousands sq.km in the North-Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The overall length of its borders is 2245 km. Bulgaria borders to the north on Rumania (the frontier line runs along the Danube river and continues on land to the north-east), to the south - on Greece and Turkey, to the west - on Serbia and Macedonia and to the east - on the Black Sea. The average altitude is 470 m. Black Sea coast line 354 km.

Geographic coordinates: 43.00 N, 25.00 E.

Local time
Winter time: GMT + 1 hour (October through March). Summer time: GMT + 2 hours (April through September).

about 7.3 million or 1.5% of the EU population. The average density of the population is 65,7 people per a square kilometer. The number of the town population (73%) prevails over the number of the rural population. Median age 43 years. Ethnic groups: Bulgarian 77%, Turk 8%, Roma 4.4%, other 0.7% (including Macedonian, Armenian, Tatar, Circassian), other (unknown) ca. 10%.

The official language is Bulgarian (76.8%) and uses only the Cyrillic alphabet. Road and direction signs in populated areas, resorts, railway stations, airports and along the main motorways are also spelled in Roman letters. Other languages: Turkish 8.2%, Roma 3.8%, other 0.7%, other (unknown) 10.5%. English, German, French, Russian are spoken in the country.

The relief of Bulgaria is extremely varied. Vast plains and valleys, precipitous ravines and gorges, deep glens nestling among hills, lowlands and high mountains alternate together on its comparatively small territory. The average altitude above sea level is 470 m. The Rila Mountains are the highest in Bulgaria as well as in the whole Balkan Peninsula with Mt. Moussala - 2925 m.
34% of the seaside consists of beaches and dunes. Along the seaside there are 18 lakes and many bays, the largest of which are the bays of Varna and Bourgas.

The Bulgaria climate is perfect for your holiday. The climate in Northern Bulgaria is moderate continental, while the climate in Southern Bulgaria is intermediate continental tending to Mediterranean. The climate in the regions with an altitude of 1900-2000 m above sea level is mountainous and along the Black Sea coast it is maritime. The climate of the seaside regions is milder in the winter and cooler in the summer than the climate of the interior of the country. Always lit by the sun Bulgaria has 2200-2500 hours of sunlight per year. Average temperature (April - September) is +23 °C. The average yearly temperature is +14.7 °C. The UV Index in July and August is 8-9.